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Resistance 3 campaign is over! (SPOILER WARNING)

I just finished Resistance 3 and though I loved the entire game from beginning to the final level, I gotta say that the ending was shit. Nothing gets explained, NOTHING. The game teases you and gives you hints but at the end none of the plot holes or anything important from the story whatsoever gets explained. 

First of all, what the hell was Hale talking about at R2's ending. He said something like "Can you hear them¿ It's beautiful" while looking at the wormhole. Well I finished the third game and still have no clue who are "them" and what is beautiful. I have no idea where the wormhole lead to and what it's purpose was.

Dr Malikov gets killed by a bunch of savages and his files are gotten by a random prisoner in that chapter, he says something about studying the files further but after he escapes with Capelli, he simply leaves while the protagonist just continues his journey towards New York.

So seriously, story-wise, the ending was shit. Everything about the game is amazing, graphics, gameplay, weapons, enemies, music and even the story up to the point where it ends. Hell, we don't even get to see what happens to Charlie and Ellie when they all escape the Terraformer... I don't know if there's an extra video if I finish the game on Superhuman (I did it on Hard), will ask around but if this is the ending to Resistance 3 then Insomniac destroyed with their feet what they built with their hands. 

I will give a try to the multiplayer tomorrow and would even like to try the co-op campaign to have everything ready for a review before the end of the week. BTW I loved the game, it is amazing, it's just the ending that pissed me off a bit.

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