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Resistance 3 Campaign update (SPOILERS)

I think I might be near the end of Resistance 3 story mode. The game's objective is for Joe Capelli to reach New York City in order to destroy a Chimeran tower and I already got to NYC so there. The more I play this game, the more I like it. Insomniac definitely got it right this time, even though I did like the first two Resistance games they made. 

When I wrote my first impressions article, I mentioned how R3 makes you feel like you're really living in a devastated Earth where the Chimera have pretty much won the war and instead of seeing the conflict from a military perspective, we see it through the eyes of the civilian resistance group, finally being faithful to the franchise's name. 

Insomniac did a GREAT thing and added a couple chapters in the game where you encounter a group of ex-convicts who are some kind of barbarians who kill other humans for their resources, have an arena where their prisoners fight feral chimera and have managed to find a way for the hiveminds and drones to not disturb them. In the game, Capelli loses Dr Malikov to these savages and is then taken hostage but eventually finds a way to escape by luring the Chimera to the barbarian's hideout.

So there are parts in the game where you actually have to fight other human beings in a world infested with Chimera. I know there are a lot of people out there who will complain about this but the truth is that I loved that Insomniac came up with the idea and did a great job with it.

During the week I'll try my hands at the multiplayer to see how is it like and how much I suck at it. I might even enjoy it a little before Uncharted 3 comes out, who knows¿

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