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Resistance 3 first impressions!

I got the fourth and (supposedly) final game in this series which I've always liked a lot despite the hate most of my close gaming friends feel about it. I got it expecting it to be another generic shooter with cool weapons and enemies like the other two PS3 entries but the game has slapped me in the face. Resistance 3 is amazing.

First of all, Insomniac finally found the creepy and scary feeling the series needed to have since the beginning. In R1 and R2. You used Nathan Hale which was a super-soldier fighting hordes of chimera, the games were very good but the chimeras weren't scary, you didn't feel underpowered. This does not happen in R3, Capelli is simply a resistance member who usually encounters survivors and fights alongside them as he progresses in the campaign, which I won't spoil for now. 

You can see how the Chimera have actually advanced a LOT in their technology to the point where they're really close to exterminate the human race. The game transmits the feeling so well that you really feel like you're just one of a few hundred humans left in the world. The environments are incredible, everything feels desolated, dark, scary and sometimes you really don't want to explore much in case you wake a horde of chimera up.

I love the weapons I've gotten so far. Surprisingly, the Carbine is nowhere to be found (again, so far). But I've gotten my hands on classic Resistance weapons like the Bullseye, Marksman or Rossmore and they all feel better than ever. Like always, they all have curious and fun-to-use secondary fires and the new grenade types are incredibly useful.

One of the cool things in Resistance 3 is that many of the chimera you find are feral and not controlled by a hivemind which results in amazing scenarios where the usual Hybrids start fighting other feral chimera and you feel like a small fly in the middle of a war between titans, something like when the Covenant start fighting the Flood and you get caught in the middle in Halo.

I'll post more opinions as I advance through the campaign, I haven't tried the multiplayer yet, I'll probably do it over the weekend but so far this is the best Resistance game by a long shot. I truly recommend it to anyone with a PS3 out there. Seems like most of the reviewers out there where right in saying really great stuff about this game. Uncharted 3 will have a serious contender.

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