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Square-Enix president: "Final Fantasy brand greatly damaged by FFXIV"

At a press conference today in Tokyo, the president of Square-Enix, Yoichi Wada has stated that the Final Fantasy brand has been greatly damaged and affected by the poor reviews and dislike of the public with Final Fantasy XIV, the latest MMO game (currently available only for PC) that was supposed to replace Final Fantasy XI. Wada has said that with the future updates, the company will re-do the game almost from the beginning with the objective of resurrecting it to what it was meant to be from the beginning.

Final Fantasy XIV has had one of the hardest first years in the lifespan of an MMORPG since it came out in September 2010. The game has gotten really poor reviews like a 4/10 in Gamespot, 5/10 in Eurogamer and an overall 49 in Metacritic. Also, the public has responded with really bad opinions about it to the point that many FFXI players that moved to XIV are going back to the first game because they don't really see a bright future for FFXIV and prefer the old one that has always had a strong population and gameplay (even though it has always been in the shadow of other games like World of Warcraft).

Personally speaking, I'd really like Square-Enix to fix the game but to be honest, I don't think the game will be a success now because it has been an entire year of bad reviews and opinions that  will always affect how the games does economically. But as a big fan of the brand, I can't help but wish the best for the game and the company working on it.

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