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Week of reviews

I know that I haven written many of the game reviews that I've promised but the truth is that between laziness and things outside gaming I've just forgot. But I'm promising to myself, for real this time that at least three game reviews are coming this week. The first and most important one right now is DiRT 3 which I've been playing since early June and I don't want the game to get older without the review up here, especially with F1 2011 and Forza 4 coming in just a few days.

Another VERY important review I never wrote is Little Big Planet 2 which is way older than DiRT 3 but I feel like that article needs to be here and it will. I already played enough of the game as to come up with a good elaborate review of it. Lastly I'll take the opportunity to get Starfox 64 3D done since the game is very short. Also, the anime articles WILL come, the first ones will be Blue Dragon, Code Geass and High school of the Dead so don't think that I've given up on it, on the contrary.

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