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Weekend update 25-09-2011

There are some important things that I should mention here in the blog regarding gaming and other geeky activities from the week. The first of all is that I've ordered the gaming novels that I mentioned before my trip to Argentina. All of them, from Mass Effect, Halo, Unreal and Ico. 

I believe I'll have the perfect opportunity to read them at college now that I'm going to start studying again at mornings. I'll have to spend a lot of time outside home on business days because I'm also resuming my Japanese language studies this semester so I'll be out for several hours and reading these books could be a perfect time-killer when I'm not in class.

Another thing is that I played some Little Big Planet 2 to get all the information and stuff in the game real fresh again as to write a review tomorrow night. I'll be mentioning everything from the graphics and physics to the tools available for creation of levels. I hope I do a good job with that review.

The most important thing, in fact is that after all these long time, I FINALLY got a controller to work on the PC I'm using now. So the N64 emulator is a go. I'm using one of my Dual Shock 3 controllers for it since my Xbox 360 ones refuse to get read by any of my PCs. The driver to make it work is weird and doesn't work immediately but once it does it's perfect. I feels weird to play a Mario game or Wave Race 64 with a PlayStation controller but it also makes it special.

The N64 games look incredible on this PC, today I tried several classics like Pokemon Stadium 2, Super Mario 64, Mystical Ninja and others and I'm in awe at how those games from 10 years ago and more can look so good by just adding anti-aliasing.

I've actually spent a bit of time on Diddy Kong Racing, which I never played when I was a kid/teenager and I like it a LOT. I really can't explain why this game was always in the shadow of Mario Kart 64 when it's clearly a better title. I like playing it with Conker of Banjo but the small mouse girl is proving to be an excellent character.

As you can expect, I'm also playing lots of Wave Race 64, which always gets me obsessed for about two weeks. I remember that I had a strong urge to play that game in the first two months of the blog lifespan. Good memories from the beginning of the year when I was playing Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Still, I think that I need to buy a good PC gamepad, there's a local store that has some very cool ones but they're a bit expensive. I might just buy one though if it's going to provide me with a secure and comfortable way to play my N64 games on the emulator, and not only that, but future PC games if I ever build the machine that my dad wants me to build.

So, I'm probably going to spend a lot of time from now on trying out N64 games I missed when I was young on the emulator, posting my impressions and opinions of them here and who knows¿ maybe the "retro reviews" I wanted to write when I first created the blog will actually happen. What's sure is that I've got a huge-ass mountain of games to play an the material for both my geeky life and the blog is abundant.

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