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An amazing Final Fantasy XIV interview

A fellow Twitter user @Nova_Crystallis who writes for interviewed Naoki Yoshida, the leader of the team with the responsibility of almost remaking Final Fantasy XIV from the beginning. The article, questions and answers are incredible and even give me a lot of hope of seeing the game getting good and becoming a strong Final Fantasy titles.

Many changes from actions, battle system and even the jobs will be completely redone eventually in what Yoshida-san calls "2.0 version" and he says the team is working with all they have to finally bring the game to the PS3 and who knows¿ maybe even the Xbox 360.

You can read the article HERE. I truly recommend it even if you already experienced the game (which I haven't) and hate it like most people do. Cheers to Twitter user @Nova_Crystallis for this.

2 comentarios:

  1. I had the chance to play this when it released and it was truly a weak game, but with a lot of potencial. So I really liked reading this interview, thanks!

  2. After trying the best to love this game even in beta, the only advice I have for the fans to run. run far far away from this game. Never look back. Horribly designed, bored, with nothing to stay involved or entangled in the graphics instead of good weapons.
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