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Books, Arcade Stick and Comic

The next weekend is going to be my birthday, but my girlfriend decided to give me a gift a week early so we headed to a local mall we always hang on at and after looking at many things we decided to get the first two books from the Game of Thrones series which we loved when we watched in on TV some months ago. The books are in English and are very long but I've heard incredible things about them. I have enough good stuff to read until 2013 at least. 


Besides that, my DOA4 Arcade Stick got here much earlier than I expected. As I mentioned, it didn't come with the original box but it was clearly new since it was covered in the plastic Microsoft uses for the Xbox 360 and the normal controllers. I tried it for Virtua Fighter 5 and it's definitely like starting to play the game from scratch but the feeling is great, I can actually escape from the stuns and several moves feel more comfortable.


Finally, two of my friends attended an Anime convention I decided not to visit during the weekend and they bought some cool stuff on it, especially on the comics department and gave me this awesome gift: An issue of Deadpool where he teams up with Ghost Rider. This is awesome because these comics are incredibly hard to find where I live and since I'm hyped for playing as GR in Ultimate MvC3 they bought it for me.


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