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ANIME REVIEW: Burn Up Excess

Burn Up Excess is an old and rather obscure anime series from 1997 which features a group of police officers, mostly female, named WARRIOR with special abilities and skills each that work together to bring down organized crime and terrorist groups in a somewhat futuristic version of Tokyo. It only has thirteen episodes total telling a short and interesting story with tons of action, humor and ecchi content.

The main character in the series is a blonde girl named Rio who is very cheerful, loud and clumsy and is always in need of money to buy girly things like make-up, clothes, shoes and the like. She’s not very intelligent but due to her insane strength and fighting ability she gets chosen to become part of WARRIOR.

Along with Rio, we get to see Maya, a green-haired girl who is obsessed with guns and other fire weapons and feels a lot of pleasure firing them, Nanbel, a tanned beautiful girl who is a genius and always builds weird but useful machines, Lilica, a girl with incredible hacking abilities, Maki, the leader of the group and the one giving the orders and finally Yuki, the only male member of WARRIOR who excels at driving the vehicles and is a pervert who is obsessed with filming Rio at all times.

Almost all the episodes feature a different “case” where a terrorist group or the like will somehow cause some chaos and the WARRIOR group will have to stop them but slowly, a story about a deeper evil plan from a crime lord named Harry along with a girl named Ruby will develop. In each of those cases, Rio will be the character with the most screen time and will usually be the one who somehow solves the entire thing, even without meaning to.

The other members will also get a lot of time to explain who they are and give them some character development in an attempt to avoid focusing the entire series on Rio. Example, some of the episodes feature a “Yuki part” at the end where he will try to sneak into the girls’ bathroom and will always get caught in different and very funny ways. The screen time and participation of each character is well balanced and have a great pace.

The animation is very good, taking in count that it is an old anime series and a very obscure one.  The characters, colors, movements and the like are very good and almost feel like a most recent series. Same with the voices who can be enjoyed in three different versions: Japanese, English and Spanish. The first and third options are very well done, especially the Spanish one which is almost perfectly recreated and synchronized with the lips movements. The music is also good for the most part; the opening and closing songs are very cool and feel like they should have been more famous to the anime genre

The series focuses a lot on action, humor and ecchi. It has tons of very cool fights between the WARRIOR members, usually just Rio and Maya, and the terrorists who can be Ruby, cyber cops, Arabic soldiers and even a tall dude who thinks he is a woman. The humor and ecchi are great as well. The series makes a lot of fun of how Rio never has money for anything, Nanbel’s silly inventions or Yuki trying to get the girls on camera while they are in underwear which usually results on him getting his butt kicked like in most series with a pervert on them.

With very few exceptions, the series does everything in a great way but a negative aspect could be how short it is and the inconclusive ending. It feels a lot like the series had tons of potential to be much longer, with about 25 episodes and could have developed the main story more slowly to give the public the opportunity to enjoy more of its action and humor.

In short, Burn Up Excess is a great series that should have been more famous and known than it really is. Even finding content about it on the internet is difficult and it feels unfair that a series this good never got the attention it deserves. It has a great balance between very hot girls fighting bad guys and showing their attributes as well as a simple but interesting plot, jokes, music and action. 

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