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Catherine is almost over

I played a lot of Catherine this afternoon and from what I was told, I only have to finish three more puzzles before finishing the game. The story has been amazing and very well told over the course of the game though there are some weird things that I didn't like to be honest. I'll try to explain them in my review once the game is over.

I've really liked the experience so far but the puzzles are very hard, even in Normal difficulty. You have to be really patient and expect to die a lot while doing some trial and error until you get the hand of it and figure out how to climb each tower the game presents to you. 

But what I've liked the most is definitely the story telling and English voice acting. The game is full of memorable characters and while I was a little pissed at the difficulty at first, now I don't want the game to be over. I realy recommend this game. I will be writing my review most likely tomorrow night and wednesday since I don't have classes because of a special day in my country.

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