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Dead or Alive 4 Arcade Stick coming!

I made yet another purchase at Amazon. This time it is an Xbox 360 Arcade Stick. Specifically the DOA4 one that I've been seeing around the internet since the game first came out. But because I've always felt comfortable with the normal controller, I never had any interest in buying it. And the truth is that for DOA I won't play with an arcade stick (at least seriously) but now that my love for Virtua Fighter is back and kicking I decided to invest in these controllers for both VF5 and Final Showdown.

The stick is from the HORI brand which are very cheap but the quality is great according to the online reviews. It has a pretty Kokoro image on it and six face buttons that can be configured for almost any fighting game. I'll try my hand on it once it arrives on my Xbox 360 fighting games (DOA4, VF5 and Soul Calibur 4). 

I'm also putting a PS3 one on my Amazon wishlist which I'd buy probably in November to have it here for Blazblue, MK9 and UMvC3 (I still don't know which version of King of Fighters XIII I'll buy so there). That one is from the same Hori brand so it's cheap as well (around fifty dollars) compared to the common Mad Catz SF4 arcade stick that is usually available at 130 dollars of more.

I'm really excited about this and can't wait to get my hands on it and start playing Virtua Fighter 5. I'm guessing that Akira's and Aoi's weird commands will get somewhat easier with it and the Arcade Machine feel on it will be awesome. I'll post pictures once it arrives!

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