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I might get back into Virtua Fighter 5

Last night one of my friends came over and played MvC3 and DOA4 with me but before finishing we decided to have a few "button-smashing" fights in the good-old Virtua Fighter 5. We forgot EVERYTHING we learned from the game three years ago but decided to slowly start playing it again since the latest update is coming in summer 2012 and at least I will definitely get into it.

My buddy plays with Vanessa and Brad while I like Akira, Aoi and Eileen. I used to be kinda good with them but simply forgot everything because I stopped playing it for three years. Hopefully, with some practice, my basic VF5 will return and I might be able to even form a small team of friends to play it together every once in a while.

We also got this funny idea of creating a Facebook group especially to gather people interested in Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighter, two of the least popular fighting games in my country in an attempt to get people interested on them and probably form a small but working community for the two fighting game franchises. I need to talk to my friend about this to see if the group will actually be created and how to organize activities and the such. Who knows¿ it might work.

Because of VF5 I'm actually starting to get interested in purchasing an Arcade Stick for my Xbox 360 to play it since the game obviously works better with it, just like Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3. I'm thinking about getting the old DOA4 arcade stick but it's only available used in Amazon but it's cheap at least. I will think about it.

With that, the plan is to get used to VF5 and keep playing DOA once the new versions of each franchise come out. I'm sure that I will abandon pretty much every competitive game once Dead or Alive 5 comes out but to be honest, I think Virtua Fighter 5 could be an excellent companion to DOA5 and also, I'm really excited to see what Taka-Arashi and the karate guy are capable of in the game.

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