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I start classes today

It's morning already and today, I start a new semester at college which means that my gaming/anime/internet time will be reduced a little. Still I do believe I'll have enough time for everything even though I'll try to get a job as well. I still have to start looking for one though.

This made me go and plan the important activities for the blog this week: First, the Resistance 3 review which I think could be ready maybe on Wednesday, I'm also writing something about Saint Seiya, an anime series that is very famous in Latin America and Europe and with luck, Catherine's review could be ready by the weekend if I have enough time to finish the game by then.

I also just remembered that I need to finish Ocarina of Time 3D in Master Quest mode, I'm in Ganon's Castle and haven't finished it because i really just forgot about the game, I'll most likely finish it this afternoon or night. Besides that, I'm resuming my old run of Final Fantasy V, the GBA version. I got stuck on it a few months ago and would like to resume it and try to finish the game that I actually liked a whole lot.

Another thing that has been on my mind today is creating a small section of the blog (maybe a page) for retro gaming. Given that I usually play old stuff like Wave Race or Megaman and I'm now a little hooked to games like Diddy Kong Racing and Episode I Racer. I think it might work, still, I'll think more about it and try to plan what content to have to try and keep it as active as possible,

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