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I started watching Burn Up Excess

I think I already mentioned this anime series a while back. I've been wanting to watch it since I own it on DVD and would like to write about it. Burn Up Excess is a mix between humor, action and ecchi featuring a group of female police officers solving crimes and chasing bad guys.

A very old TV channel that doesn't exist now used to air the series when I was a young teenager in the late 90s and I remember loving it deeply so I bought it about a year ago on DVD. I started watching it again to be able to write about it. So far I've only watched two episodes of it and will probably watch a couple more before going to bed. 

The storyline so far is somewhat weak but the characters are very funny. I'm watching it dubbed in spanish because it reminds me of how I used to enjoy it when I was younger. I'll keep the blog updated with my progress on it.

In other news I FINALLY watched the Captain America movie, I found it in a local DVD store and was able to enjoy the film. I liked it a lot and the Avengers trailer at the end is very cool. I can't wait to watch the Avengers together fighting a common enemy.

Also, I'm almost at the end of the first (second really) Unreal book. It is very cool but there are some problems with them that I will elaborate and explain on an article once I finish reading both which should happen sometime next week.

Finally, I'll try to write a Virtua Fighter 5 Online review on Wednesday night to have it available as content here, just like the DOA4 one. I would do it tomorrow but I gotta take care of an university essay that will probably take up all my time tomorrow night.

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