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As I've been mentioning over the last weeks. I wanted to buy both F1 2011 and Forza 4 together for the Xbox 360 because the local store gives me a free game every time I buy two of the same console. I had the money saved since my Argentina trip and when Forza 4 arrived at the store on Saturday afternoon I went and picked them both. I got NHL 11 for free and it's very cool. I already owned the 09 edition and liked it a lot as well.

I tried Forza 4 first and can't believe how better it got since the third game. It looks and plays better and it recognized my old file from the previous game so it gave me some cars and credits to make my experience better from the beginning. The tracks are more of less the same except for two but the game is still awesome.

Same with F1 2011, some things are just like last year's edition but now the graphics and weather effects are better, the game feels more realistic in both gameplay and sound and the menus are improved from F1 2010. I'm very pleased with the three games which I'll be playing during the following months. I don't think my reviews for them will come fast but I expect to have them ready around Christmas time since the three games need many hours of gameplay to know what to talk about in a good article.

Here's a picture of the three boxes:

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