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Some of the gaming novels I ordered a few days ago got here on Tuesday. I gotta say that I'm very pleased with how Amazon packed the whole thing so the books wouldn't get damaged. I like how all of them look. I'm still waiting for the two Unreal ones which are coming separately, I think they might get here tomorrow or maybe next week. I'm going to start reading those first so I'll leave the Halo, Mass Effect and Ico ones for lates. Here are some pictures I took of them:

This is the Ico one, looks very cool and I think I'll start reading it as soon as I finish the Unreal ones.

This is the Mass Effect trilogy, I hear there's a fourth one coming soon so I'll try to play ME2 and read these during 2012.

This is the Halo boxed set... with Mai Shiranui and my cat in the background.

And finally, the Halo novels. With this set I already have all six of them, AWESOME! (I especially like Cole Protocol's cover)

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