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Now that my BUE article is finally up, I feel the need to write about its "prequel": Burn Up W which fortunately I can watch in just an hour and a half since that one is just four episodes. The truth is that the one I really loved when it was aired back in the late 90s was W, not Excess so I really feel like the OVA deserves a spot in my blog. I'll try my best to watch them during the weekend and see if I get an article ready before monday. It's going to be cool.

Other than that, my next anime articles will focus most likely on High School of the Dead, Azumanga Daioh and Excel Saga. I own the original DVDs and Blu-rays for them so it's just logical for my to work with those before going to the pirated ones I have (yeah I pirate my anime series since NO ONE sells them where I live). Then I'll most likely continue with Blue Dragon which I started, loved but never actually finished watching for some reason.

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