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Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest is FINALLY over!

I just finally finished OoT3D Master Quest with three hearts. It was VERY hard, especially the Shadow and Spirit Temples and Ganon's Castle. I even got stuck several times here and there but watching the incredible ending to that game again was well worth it. To anyone who reads me I truly recommend playing the game with only three hearts. It becomes much harder to the point you actually fear every enemy. It is an incredible experience to play Ocarina of Time in "Legendary".

With this, I only have Catherine to finish (and to review) and I will be able to start a completely new game over the course of the next week. I'm going to be a little busy with an university essay until Wednesday morning so I don't really expect any important updates until then.

I really am happy about what I just did in Ocarina of Time, it feels like a truly awesome achievement for a game that is pretty much considered the best not only in the N64 but in the entire industry. I wish Majora's Mask would get the same treatment as Ocarina with a cool remake on the 3DS and a "Master Quest" version. I can only dream about a harder version o the Stone Tower Temple...

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