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RETRO GAMING section coming next week

I've been thinking about a new section to create for the blog. I want to make a retro games section to give love and remember some of the best old games from consoles from the NES to the N64 era. I want it to work like this: I'm going to randomly choose one game every Sunday night and during an entire week I'll try to play the game at least three times for a couple hours in order to get the experience on it fresh enough to then write a very small article each Sunday about it talking about how the graphics, gameplay, music and all those things are before picking up another game. 

I'd have to create a completely new page for it but I believe Blogger won't let me do that so I might sacrifice the "Top 5" page since it's not important at all. I'm gonna try it starting on Monday with one retro game and try my best to have one every week. Right now I'm between Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the PS1,  Megaman 4 for the NES, Darkstalkers 3 for the Dreamcast or Star Wars Episode I Racer for the Nintendo 64. In fact, I think I might work with those four for the first month of the section.

With luck, over the weeks page would have a link with the name of the game that would take readers to the article I wrote with some screens and videos too. So, during the weekend I'll try to make up my mind and decide which game I'm going to pick up to start the new section.

In other news, I did create a Facebook group to try and keep people from my country interested in Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighters. We already have six members willing to go to places to play and organize cool activities around both franchises. I think that with a little motivation, the group might actually work. And finally I finally finished Catherine. I liked the game a lot but won't go back to it at least in some time. It's a great an innovative game and I recommend it. The review should be up either tomorrow or Saturday. I'll do my best with it.

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