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Retro gaming section delayed

I had to make the decision to delay the RETRO gaming section till next week. I've been busy with some things and the truth is that I didn't play Episode I Racer at all and while I could simply go and write an article about it, it wouldn't come up as good as I'd want it to. Still, I'm not abandoning the thing, simply delaying it and will most likely start doing it next week.

What is going to happen for sure is some current-gen reviews. I noticed something incredibly odd, I never reviewed Mortal Kombat 9 so I'll probably write an article about it. And keep with the Xbox 360 ones which will most likely include Virtua Fighter 5 and Halo 3 ODST. I'd like to get reviews up for Bayonetta and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts but I'd have to replay those games and that's not going to happen at least until Christmas.

So, to keep track of those I'll simply update the "Blog Projects" page up there to keep myself organized on this. Also, I'm going to write a couple of "First Impressions" articles for Forza 4 and F1 2011 which are incredible games and deserve a lot of attention in the blog.

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