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I'm opening up a new section for the blog which is going to be about old video games, from the NES to the N64 era. As I explained before, every Monday I'll choose a random game from those years and try my best to play it several times during the week to finally write a very small article about it on Sunday night. With luck, I'll be able to pile up a good bunch of articles about retro games with the passing of the weeks. 

Since I do have a life outside gaming, with university, Japanese studies, girlfriend, friends, family and other hobbies, I might miss some weeks of this and probably take more than one week for a single game. Still I'll do my best to keep the section as active as possible.

Still, retro gaming is something that I appreciate a lot not only because I grew up with those games but also because I still find tons of quality aspects in them in terms of gameplay, sound, presentation and yes, even graphics and I feel the need to keep playing this titles and share my experiences and opinions about them in my blog.

The first game I'll be playing and writing about is "Star Wars Episode I: Racer" for the Nintendo 64. I'll be playing both the console and emulator versions and try to advance as much as possible in the career to come up with a good and well-elaborated article. I already wrote a little about it here but will work on it as the first game in the section anyway.

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