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REVIEW: Resistance 3 (PS3)

Resistance 3 is the latest entry to the first-person-shooter franchise created by Insomniac Games, who are also famous for making the Ratchet and Clank titles. In it, we get to see how the Earth and its inhabitants are being exterminated by a race of monsters called the Chimera in the 1950s. In the first two Resistance games, the Chimera invade Europe completely and slowly start to destroy the American continent while we control an American soldier called Nathan Hale to try and stop them.

Those first two games got very mixed opinions and reviews especially among the general public which resulted in Insomniac changing things dramatically to create a third game that is definitely the best in the series. Resistance 3 tells us the story of what happens to Joseph Capelli, the soldier accompanying Nathan Hale at the end of Resistance 2. How he gets married and lives with his son and wife in a hidden system of caves under a town among other civilian survivors.

After several events, Capelli decides to journey alone to New York City to try and destroy the Chimeran tower that appears at Resistance 2 and along the way, we will encounter several groups of human survivors that will fight alongside him and give the real feeling of being the “resistance” as the name of the franchise says instead of a military environment to the game.

Graphically speaking, the game looks incredibly good, especially the models for the humans and the Chimera which are among the best in almost any console FPS with tons of movements and facial expressions which give them a truly realistic feel. The environments are more “post-apocalyptic” than in the first two games since we visit places that story-wise have been invaded by the Chimera or abandoned because of the war for several years. The level of destruction and detail on it make it look really beautiful and besides that, the anti-aliasing on it is very good, you can see some errors on it here and there but nothing that will look uncomfortable or bad to the game.

But some of the most incredible things about the game’s visuals are the lighting effects. In many of the places you visit, you will see how the sun or lights from the Chimeran drop ships will get inside the barricaded hideouts of the scared humans and it simply looks beautiful. Also, the effects from the weapons firing and their projectiles are very cool and make it look like the things in the screen are actually real.

Gameplay-wise is very similar to what the previous Resistance games and other FPS titles offered. You control your character in a first-person perspective and can run, sprint, jump, interact with objects like doors, switches and things and of course, fire your weapons. Each one has a primary and secondary fire which results in a very varied number of available choices when engaging in a firefight with the Chimera.

Several of the classic weapons make a come-back like the Carbine which is still a common assault rifle with a grenade launcher, the Bullseye which still tags targets with the secondary fire for an easy kill or the Rossmore shotgun that comes in handy in close quarters. But some of the new additions are very curious and fun to use like the Cryogun that allows you to freeze your enemies in place and then shatter them with a melee attack or the Mutator cannon which infects the enemies and make a very disgusting bubble comes out of their bodies, resulting in an explosion that damages any nearby creatures (including yourself). The weapons are amazing and give you tons of ways of dispatching your enemies in very fun ways.

There are also several new Chimera types. Some of them called the “longlegs” have insane jumping abilities and are very hard to kill and now, some of the monsters are “feral” without a hive mind controlling them so sometimes, you’ll be in the middle of a firefight with the military Chimera and out of nowhere a group of feral ones will arrive and they’ll all start shooting each other which is great and a truly beautiful sight to see

The sound effects and music are amazing, definitely the best in the entire franchise. In the previous ones, Insomniac made the weapons and songs sound like they came from Ratchet and Clank which is not wrong but didn’t fit with a game telling you about a 1950 human race fighting an armada of monsters in a Mature-rated shooter. The music seems to be inspired from similar franchises like for example Halo, Gears of War or Mass Effect and they fit perfectly resulting in Resistance 3 having a very sweet soundtrack. Also, the sounds of the weapons, ships, roars from the Chimera, ambient sounds and especially the voice acting have an excellent quality and make that world come to life in an excellent way.

Then there is the multiplayer which is very similar to the usual FPS competitive modes in pretty much any game of the genre. You can play deathmatches either solo or with a team, and other modes one that have you destroy the opposing team’s reactor and things like that. The modes are very varied and you can level up by winning matches and killing opponents or finishing a given objective so you can unlock new load-outs to respawn with the weapon you need or skins to use your favorite human character or Chimeran warrior. The multiplayer is really fun and varied enough to guarantee hundreds of hours of gameplay if you want to unlock everything or just get better and competitive either online or offline. In the multiplayer, you can also play the campaign with a friend in Co-op online or with splitscreen which gives you an edge in many of the battles and a better opportunity if you want to attempt to finish the story in a higher difficulty level.

Besides all that, you can play the game using the PlayStation Move controller which is a very different and fun way to play but to be honest, I don’t recommend attempting to finish the game in a high difficulty or get good at the multiplayer playing like this since it can be a little uncomfortable after a while and the game feels like it was made to aim with the right analog stick, not the Move controller. But it is a very sweet add-on if you like to use it for your regular gaming sessions like in Killzone 3 or Little Big Planet 2.

Resistance 3 is an excellent first person shooter exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and a very cool continuation to the story of the Chimeran-Human war. It really feels like after struggling a little in the last two games, Insomniac managed to get it right this time and their work resulted in a game with excellent graphics, presentation, music, sound effects and gameplay. The campaign is very fun and intense and the multiplayer is varied enough and has many unlockables to guarantee giving the player prizes every time they level up at it. I truly recommend it.


-          Excellent graphics, environments and presentation
-          Many weapons with secondary fires each allow for incredible ways of killing your enemies
-          The multiplayer gives you tons of prizes for leveling up and getting good at it
-          Amazing voice acting give a realistic feel of a guerrilla war against the Chimera


-          You can’t play co-op with anyone outside your friend’s list
-          The first multiplayer load-outs don’t allow you to start with the good weapons

Graphics and Visuals……..…..9
Music and Sound Effects……..9
Replay Value………………....8

Overall Score……………….. 8.75 / 10

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  1. Fantastic Review!

    I think you certainly give professional reviewers a run for their money.

    Im yet to play Resistance 3. I think your review just tipped me over.

    Well done

  2. Thank you so much man, I'm glad you liked it.