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Small gaming tournaments tomorrow

There's this really cool group of gamers in my city who get together every two weeks to play portable games. I remember mentioning them about a two months ago in a Monster Hunter post I made. Well, the thing is that they're organizing three small tournaments for tomorrow to inspire members into taking the games a little more seriously and in a way to get more cool members.

The three games are Dead or Alive Dimensions, Star Fox 64 3D and Dissidia 012. I already won a DOAD tourney with eight players two weeks ago but I'm hoping to get at least 16 this time. But I expect the biggest tournament to be Star Fox's because that's the newest game and everyone want to play it right now.

Though they're just simple tournaments among friends I'd like to at least do good in them. I'm pretty confident in my skills in Dead or Alive Dimensions but I'm a little worried about Dissidia. I haven't played the game like I used to in months and I don't even know which character I should take (I can only take one). I'm thinking Bartz or Terra but Yuna could also be a good choice. I'd really like to win the Dissidia tourney even though I don't think we'll reach eight people on it.

As for the Star Fox one I'd like to at least reach the final battles, I know there's a group of guys who are better than me on it but I'd still like to reach a good position, I don't think I will though because I haven't practiced anything and I didn't really like the game much. I hope I get lucky. If everything goes alright I'll write about the results here.

Also, I'm going to get together tomorrow night with some friends to try out Gears of War 3 (I hate the franchise). We'll probably be playing some MvC3, Mortal Kombat and Dead or Alive 4 which reminds me that one of the girls in the group asked me to teach her some skills at the game in change of her teaching me some in Halo: Reach. I think it's a fair deal since I'm good in DOA and she's a great Halo player. Let's see what happens.

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