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Star Fox 64 3D tournament results

The only tournament that happened today from the ones I mentioned last night was the Star Fox 64 3D one. We got together 16 people for a nice friendly tournament with no prize besides being the first champion in the game at the city. The matches were great, I even started to like the multiplayer on it a lot. The variety of items and being able to chase your buddies on a spaceship is very cool. Still, it doesn't change my general opinion about it which you can know in my review here.

At the end I managed to finish 3rd tied with another guy in the final battle. Both managed to make only one kill, I played horribly in the final battle even though I won the previous ones easily. But I liked the tournament a lot and that's what's important.

A group of guys showed up interested in the Dissidia 012 tourney but we didn't have enough time to organize it so we'll be doing that one in two weeks. They look like they know their thing so I'm going to take this two weeks to practice the game as much as I can with Yuna, Bartz and Terra, though I think taking Garland to the tournament might not be such a bad idea. I'll post about my practice plans and grinding in the game over the week. The same thing happened with the Dead or Alive Dimensions tourney, we delayed it to the next meeting so I'll keep practicing on it to try and win it with either Jann Lee or Kasumi like last time.

In other news, there's this group of very rare PS3 JRPGs that I've been interested in for a few months but due to the fairly poor reviews they got and the rarity and prices I never bought them, but I have a friend in my city who loves to collect them and he contacted me today over Messenger to try and sell me Hyperdmension Neptunia, a very rare but not-very-good JRPG which features lolitas who represent gaming consoles fighting monsters... yes, I'm serious.

He's selling me the game for an insane price with an artbook and some cards it has. Even if the game is bad, I'll take it as an investment given that the game is really expensive online and in my country is pretty much nonexistent. I also went and ordered Atelier Totori and Atelier Rorona over Amazon, they're 60 and 78 dollars. Expensive but since they come with tons of extras I'll also take it as an investment. The Atelier ones are better than Neptunia and I might even enjoy them. Too many game purchases recently if I take in count that I'm buying F1 2011 and Forza 4 in mid-October. Hopefully I'll be able to play them all... eventually.

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