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Star Wars Episode I Racer appreciation post

I know gaming is something incredibly vast and that even if you collect games as I do, you'll always miss a good title here and there. When I was a kid and a teenager my main console was the N64 and I can honestly say that I've pretty much played and finished most of the important and best games on it but while I do remember spending some small amounts of times on it, I never truly knew what a magnificent racing game SWE1R is.

It is a game based on the racing scene from the original Episode I movie and the truth is that I'm completely in love. The game is AMAZING in every way: graphics, music, voice acting, speed sense, gameplay, everything is great on it. I've played a lot of F-Zero and Wipeout over the years and believe me when I say the this game is much better.

I fortunately own the original cartridge but I've been playing in on my emulator because of the boosted graphics in my PC and the possibility of recording videos of gameplay using a software called Fraps. There are a lots of characters to choose from. All with different properties when it comes to top speed, acceleration, handling, turning, braking and the such and by winning races you can earn credits to buy parts to upgrade your ship and even some pit droids to help you repair them in the middle of a race.

That's another thing that has me in love with this game: during the race you can actually damage your ship by either crashing into walls or using the boost for long periods of time which results in the engines overheating and catching fire. If this happens you have the opportunity to repair your ship on the go to keep racing. It is truly amazing.

The game is VERY fast to the point that sometimes it is hard to control the ship in tight spaces but that's what makes the game awesome and returning to either win a race or beat your best lap-time on one of the many tracks available on it. I know that I'm going to start playing this regularly along with my next-gen consoles but trust me, it is a game that no gamer should miss. Even if you don't like Star Wars, forget about it, Episode I Racer is a truly wonderful game, GO PLAY IT NOW.

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