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Unreal book number one (two) is finished

Today I finished reading the first (second really) book of the classic PC game Unreal. The truth is that I liked it but halfway through my read, I was googling the name of the author, Ryan Hughes and came across a message he wrote back in 1998 stating some problems when the books were printed.

The thing is that he and another author each wrote a different book, Hughes wrote the story of how a Nali resistance group defeat a Skaarj invasion several centuries before the events of the game take place while the other guy wrote a story of three humans that survived the Vortex Rikers crash along with the player character and their story fighting the Skaarj side by side with the Nali.

The thing is that the chapters of each book (called First Occupation and Second Occupation) are mixed so you get chapter 1 of the first book, then chapter 1 of the second book, then chapter 2 of the first book and so on. There is no problem at all with this because it give the opportunity to follow both stories at the same time, but the shitstorm starts when Hughes states that the covers were actually backwards, which means that Hard Crash, identified as book number one, is actually the second while Prophet's Power is the first.

I didn't know anything about these besides a small warning in Amazon stating that Prophet's Power was a prequel. But I didn't think this was the actual problem so I started reading Hard Crash anyway and couldn't help but feel that the book started in the middle of things and developed up to an OK ending . Now I understand, both stories actually begin in the book identified as number two: Prophet's Power.

Besides the cover switching, there is a disorder in four chapters in Hard Crash where chapters 16 and 17 are actually 14 and 15. I also didn't know about this and when I read Hughes' old message, I was already at chapter 19 of the book. I know this sounds like a total disaster and the truth is that it is. Both stories are interesting though they do have a lot of problems that I will state in an article once I finish reading Prophet's Power which I'll read anyway even if I already know how both stories develop and end.

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