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Unreal novels are here!

The Unreal novels finally got here on Friday afternoon. I was expecting them to arrived in a pretty bad state, with yellow pages, torn covers and the like because of the insanely cheap prices I got them for and the descriptions on Amazon but surprisingly, both of them are in great condition. Almost new, in fact I don't think they were ever used by anyone, though one of them has a very old 1998 receipt from a previous owner who also bought a Star Wars novel at the time.

The first one is Hard Crash which tells the story of a couple of humans who survived the Vortex Rikers accident in planet Na Pali and their stories in the planet and the second one is Prophets Power which is about a Nali warrior who befriends an Skaarj AI and manages to put of a good fight against the invading forces in his planet. I already started reading Hard Crash and so far it's very cool. Both of the books are around 250 pages long so it won't take me long to go through both of them. Here's a picture of the books:

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