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I'm already about halfway through Burn Up Excess. It is a very short anime series, featuring only thirteen episodes, I already watched seven of them and the truth is that I might just go and watch the rest in a bit since I'm pulling and all nighter in an attempt to fix my sleep cycle (I suffer from insomnia and some nerves sickness) since I gotta go to classes at 6am and it's already 1am so there's no point on trying to sleep. If I do finish watching the series tonight I might write a cool article about it tomorrow and finally be able to start my Virtua Fighter 5 review as well.

Besides that, I started reading the second (first) Unreal book and for some reason it feels like better written than what I just finished. Weird since it's the same two authors. In gaming, I haven't played anything to be honest, not even a little Forza or F1 2011 so I don't really have anything to update but I'll be sure to play a lot during the weekend.

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