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Code Geass is... awesome.

I just can't believe what I'm going to say but the anime series Code Geass is proving to be really good. I started watching it in June when I bought it but stopped someplace in the early episodes because one of my best friends told me it was a yaoi. But recently, I decided to resume it and holy fuck it is an awesome series with a great plot, animation and fights. 

I've watched around 25 episodes or so and there's no yaoi to be seen anywhere. The series is about a huge military empire called Britannia who invades Japan and changes its name to "Area 11" and there's a resistance group made up of all kinds of people like journalist, students, engineers, etc trying to fight them to liberate Japan. Sounds cliche but the characters are awesome and the plot (so far) is very well told. I'm really surprised to have encountered a popular series as good as this.

I'm about halfway through it and I'm so excited that I'll most likely watch a good bunch of episodes each night until I complete it. Of course, I'll write an article about it once I'm done (and I haven't forgotten about the Burn Up W one).

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