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King of Fighters XIII and Ultimate MvC3 are here!

I managed to get both UMVC3 and KOF13 trading them for some old games I wanted to sell anyway. I didn't take a pic of the boxes because I forgot but anyway I'm posting my first experiences with both titles. Ultimate is more of the same, I like playing with G.Rider, Vergil and Strider a lot and some of the new stages are pretty but I'm yet to see something that justifies a completely new game. I'm seriously starting to hate Capcom a lot and I've promised myself that Ultimate will be the last game of the company I buy (unless they revive Darkstalkers, which they won't). It is very cool but if you already have vanilla, wait for it to get cheaper.

The real deal is in KOF13. This is a series that I never ever tried in my life. The SNK fighter has always been VERY obscure where I live, and in the USA as well as far as I'm concerned. No one plays KOF or knows anything about it besides that it is the game that features the beautiful Mai Shiranui, but other than that, nothing. But the thing is that this game is incredible. It is made as if it were an older game, from the PS1 era maybe, but the animations on the characters are top notch and the gameplay is awesome. You have two buttons for punches and two for kicks and doing combos with them is very hard. The timing of the button presses must be almost perfect. The special moves are kinda like in MvC and Blazblue, with a lot of "quarter moons", "Zs" and "half-moons".

I'm currently playing it with Mai (of course!), Kyo, K', Athena and King but there are others that I'm interested in like Kula, Ryo and Leona. I really really hope that my friends like it as much as I do and buy it because I don't want this game to suffer the same fate as MK9 which I loved (and still love) but I just don't have ANYONE to play it with so I simply abandoned it without wanting to. I haven't tried the online modes because I'm having SERIOUS internet problems right now but according to most reviewers, it runs nicely, unlike the disasters that are MvC3, Blazblue (Platinum <3) and MK9... I'll keep posting my opinions on both games and expect more reviews for games and anime coming soon.

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