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Plans for the week

This post is to announce some little things that will get posted on the blog during the week. The first will be a Virtua Fighter 5 review. I'll be analyzing the Xbox 360 version of the game, also known as Version C and like in all my reviews; I’ll talk about gameplay, presentation, graphics, music and such. I’ll most likely have it ready tomorrow night so expect it.

In the anime department I’ll be watching Burn Up W, the prequel to Excess which I already reviewed. It only has four episodes so watching it and writing the article shouldn’t take any long. I’ll probably watch the thing tomorrow afternoon before going to class. In fact, that’s the plan.

Then I plan to write an article about the Unreal series, focusing more on the original 1998 game. I as planning on doing this for Christmas Eve but I think that I’ll be way too busy with Uncharted 3 and the other November games on holydays so I’ll probably just take that out of my plans and get it done during this week.

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