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Uncharted 3 finished!

I realized that I didn't make any posts about me getting Uncharted 3. But I just finished the game and I'm in AWE. It is incredible, Naughty Dog did it again. It is definitely one of the best titles in the PS3 and everyone should get it.

The graphics are much better than Uncharted 2, thing I didn't think it was gonna be possible taking in count U2's amazing visuals but the developers managed to make a much better game in terms of graphics, especially in the faces of the characters like Nate, Sully, Elena and Chloe. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet so I can't post an opinion but the campaign is awesome, I personally liked the one in the second game more but this one is amazing, full of chases, tight firefights and insane platforming, just like an Uncharted game should be, I'm definitely not disappointed. Here's a pic of my game:

Changing subjects, I resumed my run of Code Geass. The series is getting good and pretty interesting and I think I should finish watching it in about two weeks. Of course I will write an article about it but I'm way behind in others I wanted to start first so I'll take care of those one before the anime reviews most likely.

Finally, I don't remember if I mentioned it in my last post but I'm reading the Ico book and it's awesome, full of parts of the story that the author made up to fill the plot holes the PS2 game left like where Ico comes from, how his village is and the backstory of some of its inhabitants. The narration is smooth so it never becomes boring to read it. I really recommend it.

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