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2012 is looking really poor in term of releases

It's no surprise to anyone even remotely connected to the gaming world that 2011 was probably the most active year of the generation in term of game releases. Countless great titles saw the light of day during this year and like me, many other gamers spent huge amounts of money in foolish attempts to stay on date with the industry. 

But 2012 is looking completely different. Nintendo released last night the schedule of launch dates for its three consoles: Wii, DS and 3DS, including the digital distribution ones and with the only exception of Kid Icarus, the three consoles will be pretty much dead the first trimester of the year, and the rest is not looking very bright either. Sony and Microsoft are getting the same treatment from the media and public I usually talk with on social networks and forums.

I remember when 2010 was about to end that I already had a list of about 20-30 titles I wanted to buy during 2011. But for next year, no matter how hard I look, the only ones I'm 100% sure I'll get are Final Fantasy XIII-2, Xenoblade, Tales of Graces f, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Skyrim GOTY. FIVE games. Knowing me, I'll probably buy a couple more if they get my attention but the truth is that those five are the only ones I'm sure I'll get. 

Some others could be added but I'm not sure if they're going to be ready in 2012. Games like Atelier Meruru, Tales of Xillia which I'm not even sure if they'll ever get released here, Bioshock Infinite or Mass Effect 3 which I'm most likely going to wait for until they get cheaper (like I did with the previous entries in both franchises) and DOA5 and Halo 4 which I'm 99% sure won't be ready until 2013. So yeah, 2012 will be pretty much dead from the looks of it, and when I look at my shelves, it might even be a good thing.

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