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Caracas Comic-Con pictures!

The weekend, the local Comic-Con was celebrated in my city. The event was pretty cool with lots of stands, events and things to see and do. I attended two of the three days to cover it up for an university assignment and took several pictures I'd like to share here.

This are a bunch of War Hammer figures some of the players were showing, they build and paint the things and the results are incredible. I even played a small match with one of my friend and got a crushing defeat due to my marine using a backwards rocket launcher. Don't ask.

A bunch of Hatsune Miku bags on one of the stands. I love the Miku games so I had to take a pic of this.

The legendary Superman issue from 4chan where he says "Bite the pillow son, I'm going it dry" to the crying boy. I lol'd heavily at this.

This is one of my old friends painting a War Hammer figure.

The local Star Wars club was around and people took many pics with them.

This is me with a couple of strangers dressed as Link and Nabooru.

This is a pretty cool Iron Man cosplay by an unknown guy.

This is me with a girl dressed as a Sailor Moon character... I think.

Me with a guy dressed as Bumblebee from the Transformers.

A view of part of the event.

One of my friends playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the gaming stand.

Another shot of Bumblebee

This stand was selling a LOT of old classical issues of different comics. From DC to Marvel to mangas. Pretty cool (but expensive) stuff.

A local band playing anime music.

A close-up of some of the War Hammer figures one of my friend paints.

This is the stand of the local Star Trek fans club. 

One of the stores selling a lot of anime-related things.

Another shot of the War Hammer figures.

This spider was also pretty cool.

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