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Even though I admit I was one of the tons of people out there with a HUGE hype over UMVC3, I gotta say that I'm very disappointed with the results. As you can see in my review for the game, I state that it's simply a rehash of Vanilla and none of the things that should have been in the game made it to the final version. Especially the gameplay balance.

I'm used to play fighting games where you can pretty much use any character and win if you are good enough with him/her. But the balancing in UMVC3 is simply terrible, in Vanilla you clearly had to choose Wesker and Wolverine if you wanted results in a serious match, and don't even get me started on the Phoenix issue. I personally liked Deadpool and Morrigan best with bits of other "mid-tier" characters here and there and though I do consider that I got to an OK-level in the game, I was always crushed horribly when I played someone who used the top-tier teams.

I thought the game would be fixed in Ultimate because every forum said the low and mid-tier characters would get a lot of tweaks and new moves. But I started to worry when I saw the official changes in both the Marvel and the Capcom side and when I spent some hours with the actual game, I simply lost hope. The problems are still there and I don't really see any future for this game competitively. 

I mean, winning with Wesker, Wolverine, Vergil, Akuma, Amaterasu and others is so fucking easy that's not even funny, you don't have to work to get your combos and once you hit your opponent once, the doom, you can get a 700k+ combo easily while my characters (Deadpool, Morrigan, Felicia, Dante, Spider-man and Zero) require insane inputs and timing to do less damage than the others. It's ridiculous.

That's why I've decided to simply move to KOFXIII and Blazblue CS. While I know I won't ever get to a pro-level or anything on any of them, at least I can be sure that I won't be beaten by cheap-bastard characters who don't require any skill. In fact, I usually lose a lot to Iron Tager in BB and he's considered to be the worst fighter in the game by everyone. But I'd rather still play that game and learn Platinum, Makoto and Litchi than suffer with the stupid X-factors and almost-infinite air combos from UMVC3.

Every time I try out a new fighter in KOFXIII I can't help but admire how he/she was made and I usually spend some time in Practice and Arcade modes with them. I recently said I'd be maining Kensou, Kyo, Athena and Mai but now I'm starting to like Yuri, Kim and Ryo a LOT. And I'm getting interested in trying out Raiden, Andy and Joe. 

So, for 2D fighters, I don't think I'll be playing UMVC3 anymore. It's very sad because I really like playing as Deadpool in that game but the truth is that it gives me more anger than satisfaction, so I simply quit, unless Capcom decides to actually fix the stupid game and add Venom and Megaman.

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