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Halo Reach Play Arts Kai COMING!

The two Play Arts Kai from Halo Reach I've been wanting for months are finally coming to me! I spent most of the few dollars I had left on my credit card for this year (don't ask about that) on them and with luck, they'll get here before New Year's eve. I don't really expect them to since the mail services in my country become really slow on holidays but I don't have any rush to be honest. 

The two figures are Emile and Jorge, my two favorite members of Noble Team in Halo Reach (besides Noble Six of course). I've seen countless pics of them and they look amazing, which is to be expected since they're Kais, one of the best figure brands in Japan. I already have three of them: Lightning, Snow and Vanille form Final Fantasy XIII and I completely love them. Anyway, take a look at some of the pics I found: 

Both of them look really imposing and will make perfect companions for the Master Chief I plan to buy from a friend in the following days. I can already see the three of them posing on one of my shelves... it's gonna be great. A local store is selling Jun and Noble Six but they're very expensive there so I'll probably get them online during 2012. 

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