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I finished Skyward Sword!

Last night I finished Skyward Sword and I gotta say that after the horrible beginning the game had, it left me very pleased at the end. I am happy to have played such a beautiful and great title by Nintendo and the care a dedication they had to make it is more than obvious. I totally recommend this game to anyone with a Wii out there. This is definitely the game that uses the Wiimote + Nunchuk combo in the best way and moving around with Link while using the sword and items with the motion controls is extremely fluid and well done.

It also looks and sounds very pretty and the mechanics for the combat and puzzles are very cool. Still I hold my ground with my opinion that the formula needs to change but this time, the motion controls managed to overcome the repetition in the formula and the lack of voice acting. So, before the year ends I'll be writing a review for it. Right now I'll spend my days trying to beat Hero Mode, wish me luck!

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