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KOFXIII team found!

I just made the decision on which characters will make my main team in The King of Fighters XIII. After hours and hours of trying most of them out I finally chose Kyo, Mai and Kensou, with little bits of Athena as a secondary who would replace someone sometimes.

Kyo is simply awesome, has a lot of moves and reach with his specials and doing combos with him is not very difficult. He's very balanced, having a bit of everything but not standing out on any specific actions. Mai is VERY fast and her moves are excellent for pressure, she doesn't seem to hit has hard as Kyo but her specials are varied enough to be able to combo with several of them in a row and Kensou seems like a mix of the two, he has excellent range with two projectiles, a rushdown punch from the air and a flying kick that seems to be unblockable under some circumstances while in close quarters he has a combo made up of special punches that can be put together for excellent combos and an upwards kick like the shoryuken from Street Fighter and the other Capcom games.

I also like Athena a lot, for pretty much the same reasons but I simply feel more comfortable with the other three right now. Still, I will be using her from time to time inside my team. I tried my hand with other characters like Kim, Ryo, K', Yuri, Maxima and others but while I do think they're cool, none is as awesome as my four mains. At least in my opinion. I'll be posting more as I become more used to this awesome game.

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