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My gaming habits are STILL a mess

After exactly one year of creating this blog, I look back at my first post talking about my 2010 Christmas gifts and how I was inside a tornado of unplayed titles and funnily enough. I'm exactly in the same situation right now. 

A lot of things have changed but just like last year, I still have a mountain of unopened and unplayed game. Probably even bigger than last year's. But this time, playing my beloved games is actually one of my 2012 resolutions. Next year, I won't spend as much money on gaming stuff to force myself to play and enjoy the ones I already have. Of course, and as I've mentioned here before, I will definitely buy the ones that I wanted already like FFXIII-2 or Ninja Gaiden 3 but I won't randomly spend money on games like before.

In my "Currently Playing" list (which I'll update up there once I finish writing this) are Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Black Ops, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, KOF XIII, Virtua Fighter 5, DOA4 and DOA Dimensions. TOO MANY! ... Ah, and I want to finish Hero Mode in Skyward Sword.

The thing is that when I think about it, it should be considered a great thing to have all these games sitting on my shelves and though I am happy about it, it confuses me a lot about what to buy next. But anyway, 2012 is gonna be full of finished games and articles about them, both reviews and opinion stuff. Before the year ends, I want to make a post with a few photos of some of my figures taken from my iPhone. I should have it up in a couple hours.

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