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My Menace is now valued at 100+ dollars!

Remember the cute and sexy figure of Menace from Queen's Blade I bought several months ago? She's been standing on one of my shelves since then looking awesome and making me answer uncomfortable questions every time someone new walks into my room. I bought this figure for about 30 bucks which is a fucking whole lot (most Play Arts are cheaper than that) but at the time, it seemed like an awesome deal taking in consideration that the other figures of the same anime series were priced at almost 200 dollars, even more. 

But today, I was browsing some figures to see which ones to buy for Christmas and just out of curiosity, I typed "Queen's Blade figures" in Amazon's search bar and holy fucking shit! There's a new stock of girls I didn't see in the first two seasons, so they must be from either the OVAs I haven't watched or the manga. The Menace I got for 30 bucks is not at an average 90-100+... TRIPLE of what I originally paid for it. This is amazing since the figure could now be considered an investment in my case. If I wait another year or so, she'll most likely reach the 200... 

I guess it's kind of logical given the quality of it (she's really well made and beautiful... the figure), the fact that it's Japanese instead of occidental and the usual rarity of merchandise from this series. But I seriously didn't expect it to triple its price in just a matter of months. I guess I just got lucky and bought it at the perfect time. If you wanna see the full set of pics head over HERE.

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