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New Deadpool comics!

In the Comic-Con event I got my hands on a handful of Deadpool issues. They had more in stock but I was short on money so this is what I bought:

I was actually going to buy another issue featuring the merc with a mouth along with Gorilla-man but someone else beat me to it so I just managed to get these. They're all pretty cool. I still have to read the Colossus one but they are awesome, especially the one with The Thing. With these I now have six Deadpool comics!

I also got my hands on a handful of pirated anime series like Gundam 00, Saber Marionetter J, Freezing, the Queen's Blade's OVAs and others. I wanted to buy Candidate for Goddess but none of the stands had it. I think with these I have months and months of cool anime to watch.

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