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I finally finished the reviews I wanted to upload for this year. It's been a lot of gaming sessions trying to find out everything each game offered to be able to give opinions as objective as possible. Given what people have been telling me, I think I've been doing a great job with it so I'll keep it up for 2012. 

In about 15 hours, the blog will turn one-year-old and I have plans to write an article for that sharing all my experiences about game blogging and the things I've liked and hated about writing in this place. So, Skyward Sword's review is up and I actually have a final objective before finishing the year, upload my Code Geass review. I still have a lot of episodes to watch and then write the entire thing but I think that it's manageable. I'll try to do it, but if I can't know that it's going to be the first mayor article of 2012. 

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