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Quick update and short-term plans

I haven't done one of these in a long while so I figured I'd write a small entry with an update on my gaming activities. If you do follow my blog you'll know that lately, I've been playing Skyward Sword, Halo Anniversary, KOF13 and Ultimate Marvel with little bits of other games here and there. I have a plan to upload reviews for the two fighting games and Zelda before the blog turns 1-year-old on December 30th. On that night, I'll write an article with my memories of blogging for a year and my experiences reviewing games, anime series and writing my opinions on the thing I love to do the most.

Fortunately, I still have three entire weeks before that so I'll most likely write one review per week. This one being Ultimate Marvel because I've already played it enough to elaborate a good review for it. Then I'll go with King of Fighters XIII since I still have to try out some of the other characters and finish story mode and before the end of the year, I'll review Skyward Sword. I wanna fully finish the game and do some of the extra quests before writing an article with an analysis on it. Of course, this "to-do list" is not completely strict so the articles could come before, or in another order.

Besides the gaming part, I want to finally finish watching Code Geass and write about it like I did for the other series I talked about during 2011. This is really funny and ironic since I actually like the series a LOT but I just never sit up and watch it. Only about three-six episodes per week. But before the end of the year I'm determined to finish it and write my article. That would mean that at least five long entries would come in the next three weeks.

Another thing I've been thinking in the past weeks is that the way to manage my gaming activities next year will radically change. 2011 was probably the year I bought the most games in my life and the truth is that I overly exaggerated and spent way too much money on games that I either finished once or didn't play at all. I've mentioned here before that I have a lot of unopened and unfinished games and I think it's retarded to keep buying like crazy when I have a lot of titles available already sitting on my shelves. Fortunately, 2012 will be really calm (supposedly) and not many must-buy games will be released. In fact, the only ones right now I can think of are Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the GOTY edition of Skyrim, because I'm well aware that titles like Halo 4 and Dead or Alive 5 will never make it before 2013.

My mistake was to try and keep up with the industry and buy everything that looked good and while I was able to buy most of the stuff I wanted, I ended up not playing many of the titles at all. So, 2012 will still have a lot of gaming reviews, articles and opinions but don't expect me keep up like almost everything that comes out because I won't. Still, I guarantee that the titles I'll write about will be great and I'll try to keep the same quality people have actually liked a lot on my reviews. So, without thinking much I can say that 2012 first reviews will most likely be games like Mortal Kombat 9, Bayonetta and Metroid: Other M. Good games that, though a bit old, will provide great material for the blog.

Finally, I can say that the "Retro Gaming" plan I cancelled some time ago will happen in 2012. Since not many games are coming out, I'll take the opportunity to enjoy and write about good games from older generations. As I originally planned, I'll start with Star Wars Episode 1 Racer for the N64 and go from there. The anime section will probably get more attention next year due to me having a huge tower of burned DVDs with series I could just watch and write about. 

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