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Skyward Sword is growing on me (possible spoilers)

I just finished the second temple in the new Zelda game and the truth is that I'm slowly starting to like it. I talked a lot of shit about the game in my "First Impressions" article because the game's start is almost unbearable and the formula is the same the game has been using since A Link to the Past (a 1991 game). But the layout of the temple was very cool and the boss fight, which is some sort of magma spider you have to throw bombs at was awesome. The boss reminded me of a mix between King Dodongo and Gohma from Ocarina of Time. The exploration around the sky is starting to grow on me since it seems that you can find a lot of items in the tiny islands floating around, and I'm getting used to the motion controls which are actually much better than I thought at first.

Now, I still hold my opinion about many of the things I said before. The formula of the Zelda games must be redone completely before the entire franchise becomes completely dated by the time the WiiU hits the market. I'm taking my sweet time with the game because I have a lot of other titles to play and series to watch (that is without counting my actual life), but it seems that Skyward Sword becomes better the more you play and advance through the simple but pretty story.

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