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Star Wars Galaxies is no more

The Star Wars-based MMORPG shut down today as it was announced back in June. I personally never had the opportunity to play the game but it's sad to see a game die like that. During all these years, SWG got very mixed reviews and opinions from people all over the internet. I was actually interested on it back in the days when I joined FFXI (around 2006). I was looking for a good MMO that was NOT World of Warcraft and I investigated a little on Star Wars Galaxies. Sadly, I never joined.

From the look of the videos and screenshots, it seems the game was cool, with many races to choose from, an OK combat system and the ability to fly starships and speeders around the planets. For any Star Wars fan, playing Galaxies must have been a blast.

A couple of websites streamed the final hours of the game (Gamesradar and Giant Bomb) and messed around a little until all characters were forced to disconnect. I saw a lot of crazy stuff in there before the game died, and truth be told, the game didn't look bad at all. I guess that people will inevitably manage to revive the game using pirated servers like they did with The Matrix Online (as far as I'm concerned) but most of the players that still used to be active will be either gone for good or just move to The Old Republic once it comes out.

So, this is just a post in honor to another MMORPG that was closed down and (in my opinion) shouldn't have. It's sad to see a game die, no matter how bad or good it is. I send cheers to all Galaxy players who stayed till the end, and I really hope neither FFXI nor FFXIV suffer from the same fate.

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