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Super Mario 3D Land first impressions

Now this is the game the 3DS needed. I can't believe so much months passed by without the portable console having a kick-ass Mario game. But it's finally here and it's awesome. The amount of nostalgia moments on it are incredible, the colors, graphics, 3D, level design, enemies, items and controls are all very cool. 

As usual, it's about Peach getting kidnapped and all that repetitive shit nobody cares about and seriously, I can't think of any other franchise that can have the luxury of not having a good storyline and still be good no matter how many times they tell it. 

The level design so far it a little like what we saw in Sunshine and 64. There are no weird gravitational pulls or jumps between small planets (so far) like in both Galaxy games. But it's still amazing. I've been using the fire ball and Tanooki suit, traveling around the flying ships inspired in Super Mario 3 and defeating Bowser by destroying the bridge he's on like in Super Mario 1. AWESOME GAME.

If you have a 3DS, go and buy this game. It's definitely a must-have for the console. It seems to be really short at first, even if you collect all the stars but I already heard something about a second set of worlds unlocking after you 100% the first one.

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