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Utsukushiki is a sequel to the first two seasons of Queen's Blade, an anime series that has gotten tons of fame because of the heavy ecchi content is has. In fact, the series has unofficially become the queen of the genre among fans and people in the internet in general. This third chapter of the story is told in six small OVAS of 30 minutes each and takes place after Reina defeats Queen Aldra in the tournament at the end of the second season and focuses on telling what most of the important characters have been doing after the events of the main series.

Each episode will focus on a select group of characters and the viewers will be able to see what they're up to, their new objectives and things like that. The first OVA will focus entirely on Elina, Reina's funny lesbian sister while the second will tell what's happening with Nowa and her elven tutor Alleyne, the third and fourth will focus on the three "evil" girls Melona, Airi and Menace and so on. 

The truth is that nothing really important happens story-wise. While the OVAS are sequels to the main story, they're not vital to the events of the series and can only be considered filler or fan service for fans of the first two seasons. Still, they're all very entertaining and manage to keep the pace and style of the original episodes intact.

The animation is very cool and pretty, the characters and environments are very well made but everyone must be aware of what Queen's Blade real objective is. Though it is a series with a story about medieval female warriors fighting each other, this is an ecchi series. The girls are extremely over sexualized, wear little to no-clothes and the points of view will focus and zoom into their breasts and panties almost every time. As with the previous seasons, Utsukushiki takes the ecchi thing very seriously and it's definitely and obviously not for young audiences. 

In the sound department, the series keeps the same style of the first two seasons. The soundtrack is almost entirely the same and it was actually kind of cool so there’s no change there. The voice acting is also good and funny with some of the characters like Ymir trying to sell low-quality spears to a bunch of commoners in a city or Menace asking her opponents to “please die” in a really cute and at the same time awkward way.

There is a lot of nudity on it but it's just the breasts and there's almost no content implying sexual relations between the characters, but when they happen, they usually last only a couple seconds and end up being really funny. Also, when the girls fight, the first thing that’s going to happen in all the combats is that they’ll rip off each other’s clothes until they’re both topless.

One of the things that have gotten Queen's Blade a lot of attention besides the obvious is that though it is a series with a really heavy ecchi focus, the story is interesting though very cliché and usually spans some awesome and very cool fights and events. In fact, many fans compare the action in this series with Saint Seiya, Naruto and other famous ones about warriors fighting with very flashy and exaggerated attacks. This gives the public more reasons to watch the series besides just looking at the girls breasts. Unlike others in the genre that end up with extremely retarded plots and low-quality animations.

In short, Queen’s Blade is really a love-or-hate series and the OVAS are no different. In fact, they’re made specifically for people who liked the original seasons since they’re sequels and keep the same style. As mentioned before, this is definitely not for young audiences. There’s nudity, sexual content and a lot of focus on the girl’s bodies but that mixed with an OK plot, great animation and good sound and voice-acting manage to come out as a very decent anime. Still, the public must not forget that the main objective of it is to please the eye but should still try to look at it beyond that to see the real qualities of it.

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