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Black Ops campaign is over!

During the last years I've given the Call of Duty franchise way too much shit. Probably more than it really deserves. I just finished Black Ops and to be honest, I really liked the campaign. It is a very cool game. Now I understand why this title in particular was so popular last year.

The story is very interesting and the gameplay is varied enough to avoid shooting infinite hordes of enemies in tight spaces like I thought it was. I'm very surprised and pleased with this game. I'll try my hand at the multiplayer for a bit during the next days and review it. I still prefer the other franchises but now that I've actually played and finished Black Ops, I can honestly say that I was being too unfair. I hope the other games in the series are as good as this.

I also liked the graphics a lot. I remember that I played this a year ago on the PS3 on a HUGE 3D HDTV and it almost made me vomit. I'm not sure about this but from my own experience, the Xbox 360 version of the game is much better than the PS3 one. If you own both consoles and want to try out Black Ops (assuming you haven't already), buy it for the Xbox 360.

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