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Code Geass run resumed

These last two days I've been watching a lot of this anime. The story is getting VERY interesting so I'm a bit hooked to it. I want to finally finish it to be able to write my review. I only have about 10 more episodes to watch that with luck, should be done before the weekend so expect to have the article up by Friday. 

I'm just after the point where an important character dies (don't wan to spoil but people who have watched it will understand.) and I really didn't expect that to happen. I want to watch the rest of it already, it pisses me off that the series is so fucking long, I hate it when animes are so long that you lose interest on them quickly. This is the main reason why I took so many months in finishing it.

Now that I'm about to finally end my run of this series, I gotta make plans about which ones I'll watch after it. There are some like Blue Dragon, High School of the Dead, Queen's Blade Utsukushiki or Gundam 00 that take priority but knowing me, I might change the entire thing and star with something like... K-On. I don't know. Anyway, the review for Code Geass is finally coming and with a little dedication, the anime section in this blog will get a little more attention this year. I hope that I find enough motivation for it. 

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