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Dissidia 012 update

I'm slowly getting back into Dissidia duodecim. Wow, I really love this game. I put 130 hours on it and still have tons of shit to do to 100% it. The first thing I wanted to do was to get a second party to level 100. When the game first came out I maxed out Cloud, Bartz, Terra, Yuna and Tifa. The final levels were very hard but I managed to do it.

Now I finally got Garland, Warrior of Light, Shantoto, Lightning and Gabranth to level 100. They're all awesome and I love playing as them. With this, I have a great group of 10 characters ready to try and finish Scenario 000 in Story Mode though I might play the normal scenarios and reports first.

So, if everything stays like this, Dissidia 012 will be one of my active games again. My plans are to at least manage to get some of the best equipment for both mage and melee characters, finish the entire story and labyrinth and of course, max out another party with Prishe, Onion Knight and Squall on it. I hope I can play it a lot with other people in the usual meetings I go to.

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